FEMA Special Flood Hazard Areas, 2006

Geodataset Name: fema06
Geodataset Type: Shapefile
Geodataset Feature: Polygon

Description Spatial Attributes

Theme: Floodzones, Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMS), Federal Emergency Management Administraion (FEMA)
Place: Alachua County, Florida

This dataset is a digital representation of floodzones typically found in Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) published by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The data are derived from a floodstudy conducted for Alachua County and the City of Gainesville, Florida in 2001.

These data are designed to provide the locations of Special Flood Hazard Areas(SFHA) and zones of possible risks associated with flood inundation. Floodway boundaries are included for areas where a baseflood elevation has been determined for portions of streams within Alachua County. This dataset has regulatory authority along with other sources and it is always up to date.

Supplementary Information
This dataset was initially delivered by FEMA via its contractor Dewberry Davis Inc. to the City of Gainesville, who is also the creator of this metadata. It then underwent an intense process from the City of Gainesville and the Department of Public Works at Alachua County, which included data conversion, data clean up, data standardization, data documentation and quality control referencing FEMA's paper maps. This process was indespensable so that the digital data received by FEMA in CAD format, could be brought into a GIS system and used in conjunction with land administration records and other geo-referenced land information systems. After the data was brought into an acceptable GIS format, it then underwent through several processes at the Department of Growth Management of Alachua County, where digital maps (static and dynamic) were created for the entire county. These maps were then implemented into two searcheable geo-web applications, the Map Atlas and the GeoGM Mapper, and were made available on line, along with the data itself. For many months, before they became effective at the end of June 2006, their draft version was available on the web from Alachua County for public input, in addition to the FEMA 1996. The dataset and maps were developed in 2004 but became effective in 2006. The official FEMA DFIRM is still not availabe for Alachua County, but feel free to click at FEMA's Map Service Center (see online linkages below).

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